5 tips to know you’ve got a good hairdresser (and hints when its time to move on!)

If you read my post about my top 6 hair care products I can’t live without , you’d know that I take my hairstyle pretty seriously. for me, my hair has been my crowning glory since I was a young girl. From a young age, I loved styling my hair, took very good care of it and in general, just knew that my hair was always a big part of my ‘look’. So choosing and keeping a hairdresser is serious business to me.

I’ve been colouring my hair since my mid 20’s, (after all, us natural blondes need a little help sometimes), so as a result I’ve had many ‘relationships’ with hairdressers over the years. In this post I’ll share with you my top 5 tips to know you’re on a winner with your hairdresser and hints that it’s time to move on.

1. Your hairdresser is fussier about your hair than you are.

I knew I was on a winner, when my current hairdresser, who I switched over to some 18 months ago, started sorting through my hair when i sat down. He was looking to see what previous colours had been used, asked me in detail what I usually had done and then proceeded to recommend what he thought needed to be done with my hair (colour). Straight away I felt comfortable with him and basically just told him to do what he thought was best. I am not a hairdresser and he is a professional. I shouldn’t have to be telling him how to do his job, or practically doing it for him! I’m not saying you shouldn’t be specific about how you like your hair, but we should be finding hairdressers that know enough about their craft that they are recommending things to us!

2. Your hairdresser is someone that you wouldn’t hesitate recommending to your friends.

I can honestly say that when I am happy with a particular service or product, I will happily ‘scream it from the rooftops’, so to speak. But when something is not great or up to my standard, I just keep quiet about it. We must find a hairdresser that you wouldn’t hesitate telling other people to go to. Otherwise, you shouldn’t be going there yourself.

3. He or she listens to you when you say you just want a trim!!

Ever said you just wanted a tiny bit taken off and then come out with a bob??? (Slight exaggeration). Alarm bells should be ringing! Make sure that you find a hairdresser that as well as making good suggestions, actually listens to you about what is important to you. If they are a happy cutter and you just love your long locks, then the relationship is not going to work. Get on to Google and find a new hairdresser NOW!!

4. They don’t book you in more often than you need to or are always trying to sell you products.

Pretty self-explanatory. As mush as I love my hair dresser appointment and the whole pampering session of having someone wash, colour, cut and style your hair, as busy mums, we just don’t have the time to be sitting at the salon any more than we need to. 6 weekly appointments for colour and cut is the usual standard.  Any sooner and you may just be getting conned into spending more money (and time) than you really need too. Another pet hate of mine is when you’re hairdresser spends more time plugging the products they sell, than the service they are performing on your precious hair. In my opinion, the products used should speak for themselves and not need constant shoving down our throats. in the 18 months I have been going to my current salon, not once has my hairdresser tried to sell me a product. it’s not that he doesn’t use or sell the one brand, he does. but he does not force it on you. I have purchased a product off him because of how great it made my hair look and feel afterwards, not because he persuaded me to purchase it.

5. A good hairdresser doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.

Ask your friends how much they spend on various hair treatments. I’ve been amazed at the number of people who have complemented me on my hair since moving hair dressers and then proceeded to ask me what I get done, and how much I spend on average. Then for them to instantly want details because they were spending up to 2-3 times the price for the same service!!! Wow. We have to learn to speak up and or ask the question, because good hair shouldn’t cost a fortune. If you think you’re being over charged or no longer feel you’re getting value for money, then it’s time to move on. There is so much choice out there when it comes to hairdressers. Just in my area alone, there are 4 hair salons in a two block radius. That’s just crazy! (or good for the consumer). So don’t be afraid to move on. Or if you’re like me, who gets great service, lots of compliments and all at a reasonable price, then speak up and tell your friends about it.

So there you have it. My top 5 tips to know you’re on a winner and a few hints when its time to move on! My 6 weekly appointment has come around quick this time. It’s off to the salon for me tomorrow to enjoy a lovely, kid free, housework free, magazine reading, head massage and massage chair, couple fo hours! Oh the joy! I can’t wait!

me and my hair…..

my hair

Are you happy with your current hairdresser? do you refer your friends to them? do you think its time for a change and time to move on? id love to hear.


Leanne x

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